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With our extensive portfolio of Administrative Services, our clients can do more than ever before. We are a full-service administrator providing compliance services, marketing material design and production, in-bound and online customer entitlement, technical support and service initiation, service logistics and claims payment.

Service administration
Whether you are a manufacturer looking for a business partner to administer and underwrite your limited warranty, or a retailer requiring a state-of-the-art service plan provider, The Warranty Group is the service administrator of choice.

Offering replacement plans to on-site repair service, The Warranty Group manages all types of service events. With the assistance of our service provider network, we provide timely repair services nationwide. From verification of coverage... to service dispatch... to claims payment, The Warranty Group administers the program start to finish.

Compliance services
We research and complete the filings where necessary to ensure your program is compliant with changing state regulations. In addition, we provide fulfillment services on your behalf by sending your customer a copy of their service agreement.

Logistics and technical support services
Service administration can often be complicated and confusing both for customers and service providers. The Warranty Group has a professional logistics group responsible for dispatching, monitoring and ensuring completion of all service events. In addition, The Warranty Group employs a Tier 2 escalation group that works hand in hand with our logistics group and customer service representatives to ensure the satisfaction of our customers - and yours. The Warranty Group can often save your customers time and money by assisting them with technical product support before a service dispatch is necessary.

Claims payable services
The Warranty Group enjoys a strong reputation for fast and accurate claims payment to both service companies and client customers. Our state-of-the-art accounts payable system is designed to accept electronic invoices, but is flexible enough to allow manual submission of claims as well. Invoices are audited electronically for compliance. The resulting efficiency in claims handling allows us to process the majority of our claims with minimal delay.

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