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  • Warranty self services

The Warranty Group maximizes responsiveness and customer satisfaction by utilizing leading edge internet solutions for our clients, consumers, and service providers.

Some of the web-based services available today are:

  • Expertise in identifying ways to promote the service contract via a retail web site
  • Facilitating sale of the service contracts
  • Online sales aids, quoting, purchase, application processing and agreement fulfillment
  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Customers may renew existing service plans
  • Ability for customer to submit a claim
  • Retailer may view summary of their customers' open claims
  • Self-paced training for retailers
  • Reporting

Sites that are available now to The Warranty Group customers and clients include:

Available to consumer electronics agreement holders, clients and service providers. Online capabilities include: Initiation of a new service event.

TWG Innovative Solutions facilitates thousands of repairs each year for many retailers and manufacturers in the electronics, appliance, computer and fitness industries. TWG-IS ServNet, our Online portal built specifically for our Service Provider Network, was developed to provide our service organizations access to administrative support systems via the web.

Resource Digital Response System (ResourceDRS) is an easy to use site that provides self service for contract administrative functions and financial services department tasks. Resource Automotive has been providing tools for years that will make our dealership client business more efficient and profitable.

For more information, please contact...
Contact: Justin Thomas
Email: justin.thomas@thewarrantygroup.com
Telephone: 312-356-2324

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