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The Warranty Group  is the world's leading single-source provider for the underwriting, administration and marketing of service contracts and related benefits. With the global market intelligence of approximately 1,800 employees in nearly 40 countries, and with 50 years of experience, we develop industry-leading solutions for manufacturers, retailers and distributors of autos, consumer electronics, medical devices, fitness equipment, power tools, appliances and home systems, as well as credit card enhancements and travel programs. We focus on value creation for each client with every transaction.

World-class programs. Complete expertise.

Products and Services»
Automotive Automotive Programs that increase revenue and customer satisfaction.
Consumer Electronics Appliance and Technology From plasmas to PC's; cameras to mobile phones; we have a product that fits.
Financial Services and Specialty Products We create dynamic, flexible safeguard programs.
Home Warranty Home Warranty Coverage that makes home life more enjoyable.
Business Solutions»
Warranty Self Services Warranty Self Services Keeping it simple is what your customers desire.
Administrative Services Administration Services Efficient claims administration drives revenue.
Direct Marketing Marketing From creative to innovative, we do it all.